Dress Code

Proper golf attire is required year round and applies to the golf course, practice putting greens, and driving range. Men’s dress code includes: shirts with collars and sleeves (Turtlenecks and Mock Turtlenecks are acceptable) and shirt tails tucked into slacks or shorts, golf shorts not more than four (4) inches above the knee. Ladies dress code includes: dresses, shirts with collars (Turtlenecks and Mock Turtlenecks are acceptable), slacks, skirts and golf shorts not more than six (6) inches above the knee.

Shoes must be worn at all times. Golf shoes with soft spikes are required; tennis shoes and soft-shoes are permitted.

The following are not permitted: Jeans, sweat pants, active/athletic wear, tank tops, fish net tops, cutoffs, tennis shorts, short shorts or other athletic shorts. Bathing suits are not permitted on the golf course or any practice area or in the Club House other than the locker rooms.