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Jun 1, 2020

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**Updated 6/1/20**

We are excited to announce that Governor Wolf has stated that anyone who is comfortable sharing a cart may now do so. On June 5th we are permitted to open the outside patios and decks of Bon Air which means that food and beverage services can resume. We look to move into the green phase which will allow indoor activities within the next few weeks.

The pool is on pace to open this Saturday, June 6th and we urge anyone who hasn’t paid their pool dues to please do so as soon as you can. We are excited to make the 2020 pool season a great one!!

**Updated 4/30/20**

In order to keep our staff and members safe the following rules and restrictions will go into effect on May 1, 2020 for all Bon Air members. Golfers should play at their own risk and observe all rules and restrictions at all times. These rules will remain in effect until any such changes are made by the Board in response to the state of Pennsylvania’s COVID-19 planning.

* If any staff or member is exhibiting any symptoms listed by the CDC for COVID-19, please stay at home. Also, practice good hygiene, wash your hands frequently and bring hand sanitizer.
* Observe social distance guidelines at all times – both on and off the course. Remember 6 feet away from each other.
* The bar, kitchen and locker rooms will be closed. If someone needs to enter the club house to use the restrooms you will be required to wear a mask (please bring your own).
* Only one member at a time will be allowed in the bag room. Members must retrieve and return their own clubs. The club machine will not be available for members or staff to wash golf clubs.
* A maximum of 2 members will be permitted in the pro shop at one time, members must wear masks to enter.
* Players should arrive no earlier than 15 minutes prior to their starting times.
* Do not congregate in the parking lot before or after your round of golf.
* When applicable the beverage cart will be in operation for the purchase of snacks and beverages. All transactions including tips will be member charge.
* Bunker rakes, ball washers and water coolers will be removed from the course. Please do your best to smooth footprints upon exiting all bunkers.
* Carts will be limited to one person at all times unless the two riders are family members living in the same house. Carts will be sanitized after each round.
* Putting greens will be limited to 5 players at a time and only warming up is allowed. Practice green cups will be turned upside down for minimal touch points.
* The driving range will be set with balls in advance and every other mat will be utilized. Only warming up is allowed, no practice sessions.
* Please do not touch any flagsticks. Maintenance has positioned pool noodles just below the green surface to restrict the ball from falling in to the cup.
* No scorecards, pencils, tees or ball markers will be available outside the pro shop. Scoring can be done on the GHIN app. while playing hole by hole.
* Please visit: for information regarding handicapping. Players are encouraged to post scores after each round.
* Bon Air will be sticking with our regular starting time process. Please remember to proceed with extreme caution when showing up to play. Golfers are capable of deciding who to play with while maintaining a safe distance of 6 feet or more.

* Weekdays
* Course opens at 7:00am (except on Monday’s the course opens at 10:00am)
* Weekday Group: 10:15am – Monday thru Friday
* Ladies Day: Wednesdays at 9:00am (first tee closes from 8:45am until 10:00am)
* No Guest restrictions

* Weekends
* Course opens at 6:30am
* Open play from 6:30am until 7:15am (golfers in this time slot are required to finish their rounds in less than 4 hours). The tee will abruptly close at 7:15am and existing golfers will be asked to wait until after the groups have finished.
* Dew Sweepers: 7:30am
* Weekend Group: 8:30am
* Open Play will be available after all the groups tee off at approximately 9:30am
* Accompanied Guest Play will begin at 10:00am
* Golfers are asked to wait safely behind the group ahead of them to maintain social distancing.

We all are excited to get back out on the links, especially Bon Air! We greatly appreciate everyone’s cooperation and understanding of our new guidelines. Please remember that we will need all of your support and will expect a measure of patience in order for us to get back on track with our golfing days.

Be safe and we wish you all great health and good golf.


The Board of Directors, Bon Air Maintenance & The Golf Shop

**Updated 4/28/20**

Golf courses in Pennsylvania will be allowed to reopen this Friday, May 1st! Please stay tuned for updates from your staff and Board of Directors. Below are some guidelines we will be considering for a safe reopening. This is from the Pennsylvania Alliance for Golf:

Download (PDF, 1.16MB)

**Updated 4/19/20**

Dear Bon Air Members,

Welcome to Groundhog Day, day thirty-something…..!

It’s hard to believe that it’s been nearly 5 weeks since Shelter at Home and social distancing became the norm. And starting on the 18th of April the states of Pennsylvania and Maryland have enacted mandatory face masks when in public. But while some areas of containment continue to be tightened, there is hope. Just this past week the state of Minnesota announced a relaxation of policy that will allow golf courses to re-open under social distancing guidelines. And on Friday, 17 April, Governor Wolf announced the “Plan for Pennsylvania” that outlines Relief, Reopening and Recovery. The reopening plan lacks details, especially as it will relate to golf courses, but it’s a start. The BOD will be watching these developments very closely. Not to sit and wait, this past week the club submitted a letter to Governor Wolf, sent via certified mail,
outlining the financial impacts and harm that the closure of golf courses poses to Bon Air. We also pointed out the inconsistency of how Pennsylvania opened trout season 2 weeks early, only to see fishermen standing shoulder-to-shoulder in crowded streams. We are, and will, continue to press our elected officials to apply common sense in the application of mandated closures. Should we be successful, it still won’t be golf as usual, there will be restrictions and social distancing, but there will be a return to the game we love. As we continue to monitor our expenses and income closely, we also have no idea when things will reopen. In an attempt to protect our financial health, the club applied for a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan. To our surprise, we made the initial down select! These loans come at 1% interest and have no penalties for early repayment. There are also provisions that when used for payroll they may be forgiven. We will continue to monitor the application process and do all we can to keep Bon Air financially strong. This is a very dynamic environment in which we’re hearing different, many times conflicting, reports on a daily basis. The board will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as we gather facts and substantiated reports from our government leaders. Until we can gather again and practice social distancing on the course, stay safe and stay healthy!

#PlayGolfSoon, #BonAirCCStrong!


Board of Directors

**Updated 4/6/20**

Dear Bon Air Members,

Over the past few weeks our world has been changed professionally, socially and financially to the extent we have never seen before. And as requirements to shelter in place and to wear masks in public increase, it’s clear that a return to normal life, whatever the new definition of normal will be, is still a future pursuit. The BACC Board of Directors extend our sincerest hopes and wishes that you and your families are safe during these trying times. And for those that are on the front line of protecting our health and safety, we send our gratitude and wishes for your continued health and well-being.

Although our club and course have been closed for nearly 4 weeks, the staff and the board have continued to have regular communications and conference calls to assess the constantly changing conditions and requirements. Financially, the club is sound in that we have no appreciable debt. But at the same time, we are a not for profit organization that does not have significant cash reserves. Since the outset of this pandemic we have been minimizing our discretionary as well as fixed expenses, wherever possible. So far, the Pro Shop and Grounds Crew have deferred the return of seasonal employees and are operating with minimal staffing to maintain the clubhouse and course. While sprays and applications for maintaining the course are essential, things like mulch for the gardens and surrounds are being deferred. But like our individual homes, fixed expenses such as utilities must continue to be paid monthly. As we await the end of this ordeal, our monthly dues payments are essential to sustaining the club. The upcoming mailing of the April statements include the 2020 coupons for golfing with friends and family. Due to the uncertainty of the golf season, the BOD has decided that this year’s coupons will not have an expiration date. We ask that monthly dues are paid timely to ensure our cash-flow stays positive. At the same time, if anyone has been financially impacted by this crisis, please contact the Pro Shop. We are not a club without our members and we are committed to work with anyone that may be experiencing financial impacts.

This past week, the government announced special loans and grants for small businesses. Not wanting to look past options, we are currently reviewing the requirements to determine our eligibility and the details of the payment structure. The board is committed to protecting the long-term viability of the club and in making sound fiscal decisions so no decisions will be made until we have all of the facts and details.

Of course, our primary objective is re-opening the club! However, following the direction and recommendations of the CDC and medical experts is critical to ending the pandemic. That said, golf courses offer fresh air and exercise while permitting social distancing. We have reached out to our local representatives to garner their support to re-open Pennsylvania golf courses as soon as possible. We have also filed a waiver petition with the governor’s office and received notice that it has been denied. If you share these beliefs, please reach out to the representatives from our area and let them know your position. You can also sign a petition supported by clubs across the state of Pennsylvania. The web site for the petition is: pennsylvania-let-pennsylvania-golf

During the closure of the club, we will continue to provide periodic updates to alert the membership concerning the ever-changing situation. It goes without saying that there will be adjustments to the 2020 calendar for golf, social and pool opening schedules. We will also be making updates to the web site to convey additional information. The web site currently has the positions of the 2020 Board of Directors and recent updates from the Greens & Grounds committee detailing the plans and accomplishments around the course. Please bookmark and become frequent visitors to the club’s site.

Until we can gather again, stay safe and stay healthy! #PlayGolfSoon, #BonAirCCStrong!


Board of Directors

**Updated 3/25/20**

Dear Bon Air Members,

Your Board of Directors wanted to reach out and provide an update on the club’s status and what our plan is moving forward. We are relying heavily on the direction of local, state, and federal requirements/recommendations on how to operate as a business and protect our staff and members. We made the decision to close the club last week based on Governor Wolf’s order and our concerns for protecting the health of our staff and members. The golf and maintenance staff have been reporting to work and taking the proper precautions we all are taking during this pandemic. The maintenance staff is actively taking care of the grounds and performing aeration of all greens which should be completed by this Thursday, 3/26/20. Travis and his staff have been working hard to prepare the club for the upcoming golf season with the assumption we will be opening back up as soon as possible. This situation could change at any moment and we will of course react responsibly.

Our intentions are to open the course at first word that we may do so. We are following the state’s guidelines for businesses and have submitted a waiver to the state to reopen. We have also reached out to our district representative Kate Klunk and Senator Kristin Phillips-Hill about reopening. We agree that golf is one of the few sports where it could be deemed safe and healthy to get outside and play. We also agree that certain restrictions and modifications would have to be made in order to keep everyone safe. These items are listed below:

  • Clubhouse will remain closed
  • Members can retrieve their clubs from storage but we ask that they keep their clubs until further notice
  • Driving Range and Practice Greens will remain closed
  • No gathering of large groups on the grounds
  • No Group Play
  • No Guest Play
  • Increased length of time between groups going off the first tee
  • Limit one person per golf cart
  • Sign in through the Pro Shop door
  • Golf carts will be thoroughly cleaned between each use
  • Raising cups on the greens so no one must touch the flag stick or get their ball out of the hole
  • Removing bunker rakes and securing ball washers
  • Portable bathrooms on the course will be closed
  • Use common sense. If you are feeling sick, stay home. Practice social distancing within your group. Don’t shake hands, share equipment or exchange money.

Bon Air has been proactively reaching out to other local private and public golf clubs to gather as much information as possible. As we progress through the next few days and week/s, we will be advising our members of all that is going on in the industry.

We will constantly be advising our members of what we are doing and what is available to them so please keep an eye out for our email notifications.

Our current Membership Promotion (25% dues reduction for both the new member and the sponsoring/current member) was scheduled to expire on 3/31/20 but we will be extending the deadline to 5/31/20. Now more than ever we need the support of our members. This extended promotion is a great way for members to support Bon Air.

We wish all of you and your families the best of health and to remain safe. We will be resilient and get through this together.

Board of Directors

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