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Jul 23, 2019

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Here we’ll address whether rakes go IN or OUT of our bunkers, replacing divots with Seed Mix or the actual divot, and what is the proper divot pattern for our grass driving range.

Rakes IN or OUT of the bunkers? Ask members where you should place the rake after a bunker shot and you’ll probably get a variety of answers. While this debate rages on and there’s no clear answer, it’s best for us to leave leave rakes in the middle of the bunker parallel to the line of play (see image). Keeping rakes in the bunker helps our maintenance staff save time. Keeping rakes away from the edges of bunkers helps members avoid awkward and extra penal lies. Let’s help each other out and be mindful of how we rake and leave bunkers for the golfers behind us!


Should divots on the course be replaced with the provided Seed Mix or the actual divot itself?
Always replace divots with the Seed Mix provided on tee boxes, golf carts, and seed bottles outside the Club Storage Room that golfers who walk can take with them. Please put the right amount of mix in the divot and smooth over with your foot. Using the actual divot as a replacement does not work and it looks awful (see image).



How should you take divots on the Driving Range? A lot of golfers don’t know but let’s help Butch and our maintenance staff keep a lush and healthy range by taking the right kind of Linear divot pattern (see image).


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