MGC Thursday Night Dart League

Jan 2, 2022

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Thursday Nights starting at 6:00 pm
League runs until the end of March

Register Here ->

The field will be limited to the first 18 two-person teams to sign up. After registration closes we will build a schedule based on the number of players and the league rules/parameters will be emailed out. We plan on starting the league January 20th which means the registration deadline will be Sunday, January 16th. Please note that if you can’t find a partner let the golf shop know and we will add you to a “looking” list. Also, if someone doesn’t want to commit to the weekly schedule but wants to be a substitute please let us know.

The game we will be playing is “Baseball” (also known as “1 to 9”). Players take turns shooting three darts at each inning. They begin with inning number one and continue in order until they have shot nine innings. Darts landing in the thin uncolored outermost ring are worth 3 points. The red ring is worth 2 points, and the inside area is worth 1 point. Darts landing in the bullseye are worth zero. Also, any dart landing outside the triple ring do not score (the large blue ring beyond the treble ring is merely the out-of-boards marker and is not a scoring area). The maximum score in each inning is nine points which will be added together with your partners inning score to accumulate the total points. All darts are supplied and no personal darts are allowed. We will be playing on an American style dart board with wood and feather darts, a typical bar room scenario that is seen around the region.

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