Practice Range Guidelines

May 16, 2024

Posted by: Dave Gibson

Categories: Golf News

The Bon Air Practice Range is a heavily used part of our club. We have a small square footage of space for the amount of use we get each day. To ensure that we allow adequate maintenance and re-growth we all need to be mindful when using the range.

Range Schedule

Monday: Mats Only – 3pm to Dark

Tuesday: Mats Only – 6am to Dark

Wednesday: Mats Only – 8am to Dark

Thursday: Mats Only – 6am to Dark

Friday: Grass – 8am to Dark

Saturday: Grass – 6am to Dark

Sunday: Grass – 6am to Dark

The above picture is the layout of our Practice Range hitting area.

Green = Grass Tee Area

Blue = Mat Tee Area

Red = No Hitting Area

When the “Grass Tee” area is open, please hit from the designated slots. If it is mats only, please hit from the “Mat Tee” area and during this time, please keep off the entire grassed part of the range.

The “Red Area” is a NO practice zone. Shots are not permitted to be taken from this area. Not even to tee up a driver if its a Mats Only day.

*Our range mat is designed for the use of golf tees, please use a smaller tee if you are uncomfortable with the ball height.

Please remember, proper “golfing attire” is required when using the practice facilities. All members must adhere to the dress code policy.

Please limit the amount of balls hit into the trees. Drivers and woods should only be used for a small portion of your warm up or practice session.

To allow proper healing of our grass tee area, please use the correct divot pattern when hitting balls. As seen below…

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