Junior Golf Program

Our goal with our Junior Golf Program is to enhance the enjoyment, knowledge, and appreciation of the game of golf for everyone involved. This is accomplished with the help of our professional staff that is on hand to help every student with his or her individual needs.

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Supervised clinics and practice sessions

  • 6 clinics as part of regular Jr. Program

  • additional supervised practice sessions

Advanced skill development drills

  • Incorporate drills used by the world’s top players

Full Swing Technique

  • Detailed Instruction on how to develop a repeatable swing

Short game instruction (chipping, pitching & bunkers)

  • How to create the stroke saving shots needed around the green

  • How to control distance and trajectory on your pitch shots

Putting instruction and skill development

  • We will cover it all from stroke technique to reading greens to speed control.

Practice at home drills

  • Each session students will be provided take home drills to enhance their skills

    between sessions

Video analysis

  • We will video each junior’s swing and review swing needed swing changes

Play with a Pro day

  • Travis will schedule a “play with the pro” day to assist juniors in

    developing good course management skills.

Email tips

  • Email tips will be sent to Junior Academy members throughout the season

Golf rules instruction

  • Rules of golf will be incorporated into instructional program

Equipment evaluation

  • Golf pros will make observations regarding equipment needs for each player.

Pre-shot routine

  • Good players use a pre-shot routine. Instructors will work with juniors to help

    incorporate an effective routine.

How to score

  • Pros will work with juniors on getting the ball in the hole faster.

Additional areas of consideration which will be incorporated as needed

  • Tournament Preparation

  • Goal identification

  • Playing High School Golf

  • Special Guest Instructors

  • Golf fitness

Our staff is committed to creating and maintaining a golf program geared to introducing Juniors to the best golfing experience by exposing them to valuable life skills such as Respect, Integrity, Character and Honor.


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