2020 Wednesday Night League

14 May

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Attention Bon Air Men,

After plenty of deliberation, the MGC has decided to move forward with Wednesday Night League.

Starting in the beginning of June we will have a modified league with the white tee handicap and green tee divisions competing on Wednesday night. Scratch league will be played on Thursday nights.

Both league nights will start at 5:30pm.

New this year we will have two scratch divisions competing on Thursday night, one division from the blue tees and one from the white tees. The scratch divisions will be split up based on the teams total combined handicap index, with the lower of the two playing from the blue and the higher portion playing from the whites. This will allow more diversity for those teams that like the scratch competition but want to compete from the white tees. Please note that after the sign-ups are completed we will then split in half the scratch divisions. Enter your two player team with some consideration to where you may be placed according to your combined indexes.

The cost and length of the league have yet to be determined. After we calculate the number of participants we will schedule the matches and carefully adjust league parameters. Traditionally, the $75 per person league entry fee covered prizes and the “end of season crab feast” but we will need to adjust that after we are advised more on what restrictions may occur. For now nothing will be charged during sign-ups. Each member or team is only permitted to play in either WNL or TNL, not both. However, you me be a substitute player for any league night regardless of the division you signed up for.

Sign-ups will be done online by visiting the corresponding link to the league division you wish to participate in.

Please use this link for the Wednesday Night Handicap League:

Please use this link for the Thursday Night Scratch League:

You will need to sign up as a team, only one person is required to do so but that person will need to provide cell phone, email and walk or ride information for their teammate. The registration will not allow to finalize your entry until all fields are filled in.

If you need help with anything please contact the pro shop. If you want to be placed on a substitute list so players can have access to who is available, please let us know. If you don’t have a partner the pro shop can assist in finding one for you but no promises can be made.

More rules and league parameters will be sent and communicated as sign ups occur.

Thank you!


WGC Update

21 Apr

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Hello BACC Ladies,

I hope this update finds everyone safe and healthy.

Because of this closure, updates to our 2020 tournament calendar have been made:
* All May scheduled WGC events are cancelled (Opening Day 5/3 and Race Day 5/17). Our hope is to return to our remaining schedule of WGC tournaments beginning June 1 and all future 2020 events will remain as planned on the WGC calendar.
* Our first tournament is Saturday, June 6 – MGC/WGC 3 BB 4 – be on the lookout for tournament signup details coming out in the future.

Should golf courses not be allowed to open as soon as we would like them to, there may be a need for additional changes to the schedule as this COVID-19 situation evolves.

Until then, be safe and healthy!

Mary Knox
WGC Chair

The World Handicap System Has Arrived

8 Jan

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Here are some of the most important changes for you to know, and we encourage you to visit https://www.usga.org/whs to learn more!

  1. Your Handicap Index may have changed slightly due to a new calculation
  2. You now have a Playing Handicap which allows for competing from different tees more easily
  3. Net Double Bogey has replaced Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) for the maximum hole score
  4. Your Handicap Index will be more responsive, updating the day after your play and post your score
  5. New and modern safeguards have been added to protect the accuracy of your Handicap Index


Upcoming Course Closure

1 Oct

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Wednesday, October 9th and Thursday, October 10th.

A note from your new Superintendent:

I hope this note finds you all well. My name is Doug Hall and I’ll be your superintendent at Bon Air. My family and I are excited to be here, and I look forward to getting around to meeting all of you.

As my first order of business, I am setting up an aeration and overseeding of your perennial ryegrass fairways. This process of pulling a core (aeration) and slice seeding seed into the fairways (overseeding) is an important agronomic process that will continue to regenerate new growth into your fairways. Perennial ryegrass is a bunch type grass and will not spread, or creep into the voided areas, therefore it is important that we continually introduce new seed into the fairways each year. For this reason, I along with the support of the board would like to close the course on the 9th and 10th of October so we can get the seed in the ground as soon as possible. We have already lost some valuable growing time and would like to move quickly to take advantage of the time we have left in this growing season. After seeding a fertilizer will be applied and we will keep the seed moist until germination, which with ryegrass is only a few days. In addition to planting seed, aerations are crucial to the success of a golf course. Aerations promote new root growth, relieves compaction, vents built up gasses in the soil, creates avenues and pathways for water to drain through the rootzone, allows for better oxygen and nutrient exchange, helps to level playing surfaces, and creates a better environment for turf to grow.

As mentioned earlier, I am excited to get on property and get into the business of making Bon Air the great golf course I know it can be. My first official day will be October 14th; however, I live close by and will be visiting the property periodically until I officially start.

I would like to thank everyone in advance for your patience while we complete this most important agronomic process.


Douglas Hall